Leadership Development

Leadership is the capability of being aware of who we are and how we can bring about the best in us to then provide support and leadership to others.

Our field of action is focused on the development of Leaders by promoting their individual growth to then, generate strategic alignments at a group level. We reinforce the synergy within the Work Teams, from analysis, observation and diagnosis, to designing the development of competencies and skills that will promote talent growth within the Organizations.

Teambuilding and Strategic Alignment


We design specific facilitations with the objective of generating greater synergy between the different functional areas or work teams. During team alignments, our implementation provides the framework to potentiate the following in the individuals.

  • Responsiveness to changes
  • Definition of collective work plans
  • Operational processes
  • Interpersonal interaction and group dynamics
  • Sense of belonging and productivity
  • Trust and co-responsibility with other team members
  • Efficient communication and delivery of messages


In order to reduce the impact of constant change and crisis that can generate within Organizations, we offer Strategic Alignment interventions in which we work with the Executive Team to achieve a higher cohesion and interaction among its members.

Interventions consist of working with the Executive Team on designing and/or reinforcing the concepts of: Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Objectives, and then, efficiently transmitting them to the other teams, to consolidate the desired Culture.


Coaching is a confidential and personalized method that centers on guiding the Coachee (person being coached) through the course of assessing their current situation, setting goals for the future, and taking the necessary actions to move toward their goals.

It’s a system that seeks to unlock the inner potential through the follow up process, where the facilitator or Coach is supportive of the Coachee and acts as a bridge between current and desirable goals through self-discovery and action.