Career Transition

Through our Career Transition Programs, we provide support and guidance, at all hierarchical levels, during the separation process of employees who have concluded their professional cycle within the Organization.

We advise and prepare Human Resources personnel in order to deliver efficient separation announcements and deliver the follow up to the affected employees. Our main interest focuses on sensitizing all those involved in order to promote harmonious transitions.

By using our services, organizations demonstrate responsibility and commitment to their employees, and by being prepared, they know how to act, which may reduce any potential legal risks. Similarly, the employees that remain within the organization feel secure and confident in regard to their employer.

But most importantly, individuals who conclude their professional cycle are assisted by being provided with the necessary tools during the search for a new job or design of a new life plan, which lets them assimilate this process in a positive way.

Communication for Organizational Restructuring

We sensitize the Organization in order to transmit the appropriate messages, in a timely and structured manner, while going through a phase of organizational restructuring. We promote that messages regarding the separation of employees are delivered within a framework of respect and dignity for all those impacted.


Our Outplacement programs are focused on directly assisting, either individuals or teams, by providing support on different ways to handle the stress associated with job loss; helping them identify, once again, their competencies and abilities in order to find another job, entrepreneurial opportunities, or any other activity in accordance with the stage of life they are facing.

The main activities we implement with our participants are the following:

  • Support on identifying goals, preferences and values to design and implement a new life project and career
  • Guide to effective self-marketing strategies for employment and business
  • Useful and practical guidance for personal finance handling, as well as for the establishment of their own business

New Horizons (Pre-retirement and Retirement)

Through our New Horizons Programs we provide guidance to your Organization in order to create a Culture of support and gratitude toward those employees that are in the Retirement phase.

We provide a knowledge platform to implement this best practice that will positively impact the separation process of the employees that have contributed with their knowledge and experience throughout the years.