Career Design

To simplify the understanding of changes in the work place and to generate awareness around individual strengths, we support executives by helping them establish their career goals in order to motivate them to confront new challenges.

Individual and Group Assessments

To understand and improve individual performance we use different tools, including psychometric testing, to establish a baseline and understand where we are, where we would like to be, and how to get there.

We evaluate and identify behavioral styles, competencies and leadership skills to design career development strategies and individual development plans. Through our assessment techniques, we can improve and develop individual and team performance, better understand individual skills and behavior and its potential to contribute to the success of the Organization.

Some of the tools we use:

  • DISC ®
  • Herrmann ®
  • Birkman ®
  • Emotional Coefficient
  • Competency assessment THA-C
  • Comprehensive Assessment Centers

Career Planning Coaching

To drive organizational change and manage the work environment, we focus on helping individuals embrace their experience and prepare themselves for new career and life objectives as they face new challenges. At the same time, we develop and support processes such as Career Planning and Succession Planning in order to promote individual and organizational growth.

Relocation (Work Adjustment for Spouses)

To reduce the impact on employees who are going through the process of relocating, we provide support for their spouse/partner through our Work Adjustment Program for Spouses/Partners, where:

  • We look to reduce the impact, and sometimes shock, that results from this change
  • We provide orientation to so they can adapt to their new location and/or new culture
  • Together, we establish a strategy to conduct a new job search